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PM affirms continued effort against corruption

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PM affirms continued effort against corruption | Samui Times
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The Prime Minister has affirmed his administration is working to its utmost to combat corruption and has given the issue great importance.

pm against corruptionPrime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha chaired a meeting of the national committee against corruption, using the opportunity to state that his government has continually worked against corruption and to announce that his administration is now approaching the end of the second phase of its National Reform Road Map, which calls for serious eradication of graft.

The PM lamented that a major issue impeding his government’s efforts is the misrepresentation of information to the public and arguments based on emotion rather than fact. He urged caution against such tactics while asserting that righteousness must be maintained in all efforts. He pointed out that any projects that can no longer justifiably continue should be ended and restarted if necessary.


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