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PM asks media to stop pestering him with questions about bomb attacks

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PM asks media to stop pestering him with questions about bomb attacks | Samui Times
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Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha on Wednesday told the media to stop pestering him with questions about last week’s bomb attacks in southern provinces and progress of investigation into the violence.
Thai PM stop asking about bombsHe said that if the media asked one issue from one source at a time and then reported about it, it would cause public confusion and, hence, he would like the media to stop asking questions about bombing incidents and to wait until the agencies concerned come out with their statements.

The prime minister insisted that he was not angry with the reporters who asked him questions about the bomb attacks but he admitted that he felt the pressure because he had no answers to their questions.

He assured that the government did not cover up some information as the incidents are still under investigation. He said he would like the media to help in creating better understanding and to allow officials concerned the chance to do their job properly.

Asked by a reporter whether the violence last week was related with the referendum, the prime minister hit back, saying that officials concerned had never mentioned that they were connected but only said that they didn’t rule out any possible issue.

The prime minister however discovered that the mobile phones which were used in setting off the bombs and found by officials had been sent to Malaysia for examination as they were bought from Malaysia.

He said he was in Kuala Lumpur on August 16 to attend the International Conference on Blue Ocean Strategy but the bombing issue was not raised with his Malaysian counterpart, Najib Razak.

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