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PM asks public not to take questions too seriously

Samui Times Editor



PM asks public not to take questions too seriously | Samui Times
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Prime Minster Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha says the public shouldn’t take the four questions too seriously because they are only meant to show the government’s willingness to listen to all sides.

The prime minister said yesterday that the four election-related questions he raised on May 26th were meant to demonstrate the government’s sincerity in listening to suggestions from all sectors of society as well as to raise public awareness of bad political influences and manipulation.

The four questions are 1) Do you think the next election will lead to a government that practices good governance? 2) If not, what should we do? 3) Elections are important for a democracy, but they are not the sole determinant of the country’s future and other matters, such as national strategy or reforms. Yes or no? 4) Do you think that politicians who have demonstrated inappropriate behavior should be allowed to seek office again? If they gain office again and new problems arise, who should fix them and by what means?

Gen Prayut added that he was not tired, but rather happy to be able to serve the nation while expressing his worries over the well being of the poor and the underprivileged, problems in the agricultural sector, and future challenges. He promised to do his best to achieve reform goals for the maximum benefit of the country and its citizens.


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