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PM calls for crack down on taxis going off-meter

Samui Times Editor



PM calls for crack down on taxis going off-meter | Samui Times
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The Prime Minister has ordered the Ministry of Transport to take action against taxi cabs demanding high off-meter prices and for the Ministry of Commerce to ensure that its public center is efficient and transparent.

Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha has opened a Ministry of Commerce Public Service Center, set up to field complaints from the public and offer business advice as well as carry out ministry work such as provide licenses. He called for the center to serve as a one-stop-service for the public and work efficiently and transparently for the benefit of citizens.

The opening preceded a meeting of civil sector heads chaired by the premier during which he expressed concern over news being circulated via social media indicating taxi cabs going off-meter to charge exorbitant fares. He said he was especially worried that some of the news showed the cab drivers threatening their riders. He has ordered that the Ministry of Transport take serious action on this matter.


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