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PM: No cancellation of 30 baht healthcare scheme

Samui Times Editor



PM: No cancellation of 30 baht healthcare scheme | Samui Times
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The Prime Minister has given an assurance that the government will not be cancelling the 30 baht health insurance scheme but is considering ways to address funding and personnel problems, reminding citizens that reform of public health is on the national agenda.

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, speaking at a meeting of the Strategic Governance Commission, acknowledged that reform of the public health sector has continued to encounter obstacles, most being in terms of policy. He confirmed the intention that all members of the public have ready access to public health services, and that the country be immunized against foreign epidemics with strong controls along its borders. He called for an improvement to health systems for all Thais.

Addressing claims that the government is cancelling its universal health scheme, the PM assured the public that there is no truth in the rumor and that the program cannot be cut off, only improved. He also disclosed efforts to integrate the budget spending of the Ministry of Public Health, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and the National Health Security Office, to make sure that their spending serves the government’s policies.


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