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PM orders analysis to tackle national poverty

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PM orders analysis to tackle national poverty | Samui Times
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Prime Minister Payuth Chan-o-cha has ordered related governing agencies to analyse poverty data in every province for an “on-point” solution plan, government spokesman Narumon Pinyosinwat said on Thursday.

PM orders analysis to tackle national poverty | News by Samui Times

This sustainable poverty solution has to focus on four factors – access to basic needs, improvement in the quality of life, provide careers, and investment. Solutions have be designed to suit each area. 

The result of a rough analysis divides provinces into four groups:

Q1 – a strong economy in 29 provinces (green coloured): support for living expenses;

Q2 – a quite strong economy in eight provinces (light blue): develop careers and provide jobs;

Q3 – a lack of machinery in seven provinces (blue): improve people’s quality of life; 

Q4 – a poor economy in 20 provinces (orange and yellow), where both careers and life quality need to be improved, as well as 12 poverty-stricken provinces (red) that need development on all four fronts.

Besides the low income database, the prime minister also suggested using the Human Achievement Index to create solutions to overcome poverty, with equality of human development in every province.

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