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PM Prayut urges for patience

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PM Prayut urges for patience | Samui Times
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As we are going into another month with the extension of the emergency order, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha calls on all everyone to help and continue the efforts to flatten Thailands Covid-19 curve.

Reports state that the decree being extended until 31 May.

The PM pleas for empathy and cooperation, pledging that the government will offer financial support to those who have suffered hard times.

“I realise that everyone, including low-income earners, farmers and those with independent careers, is experiencing hard times. The government will take good care of you with existing budgets and an executive decree on borrowing, the details of which will come out later. I would like business operators to be patient a little bit longer. I also share your pain.”

The PM continues to be concerned about a potential second wave of infection, with the Cabinet agreeing yesterday to expand the emergency decree in effect across the country while allowing provincial governors to determine next steps on local restrictions.

The nationwide curfew is also in effect between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., as is the ban on public gatherings. Severe restrictions on inbound and outbound travel continue to exist, with the only exception being repatriation flights in either direction.

The Bangkok Post states that the Cabinet is asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get a better picture of how many Thai people are overseas and want to return home so that their eventual arrival and quarantine can be prepared.

In order to prevent government quarantine facilities from being overwhelmed, only 200 Thais per day are admitted back to the country. They will endure a compulsory quarantine period of 14 days.

Yesterday, the Cabinet decided that any relaxation of restrictions should be focused, first and foremost, on public safety and on strict adherence to the rules to avoid the spread of infection.

It was agreed that the situation should be closely monitored and that if there are any signs of a rise in Covid-19 incidents, the restrictions will be reintroduced.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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