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PM: Public must “understand” taxi drivers who refuse fares

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PM: Public must “understand” taxi drivers who refuse fares | Samui Times
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Voice TV have said that Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has asked the public to understand taxi drivers who refuse fares.

They quoted the PM as saying that drvers may have a good reason to not pick up passengers.

PM: Public mustThey quoted him as saying that drivers might not want to take the fare, or might want to but were unable to for some reason. You have to distinguish one situation from another, they reported him as saying.

They inferred that the PM was frustrated with measures in place to improve the service of taxis but that everything was not always cut and dried when it comes to applying the law.

Once again they said that Prayut referred to the invoking of article 44 and said that the PM could not just apply it to every case.

They said that the PM cited a situation to expound his point where article 44 might be used to compel passengers in the cab to cross their left leg over their right and not visa versa.

They said that the PM asked that not every law be criticized out of hand.

The comments come after the ruling junta pulled the plug on Voice TV for a week in what many saw as a punishment for being critical of the regime.

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PM: Public must

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