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PM urges Thais to start saving and to make saving a Thai culture

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PM urges Thais to start saving and to make saving a Thai culture | Samui Times
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Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha urges Thai people to start saving and to make savings a Thai culture.

Making the plea for saving one day ahead of the National Savings Day on Saturday, the prime minister , in his address on “returning happiness to the people” programme, offered some dismal facts about savings in Thailand.

Thai people urged to save moneyCiting the findings, he said that 41 percent of Thais do not have savings; 56 percent are incapable of saving for use in their old ages while 52 percent of the aging people admit they cannot depend on themselves.

The prime minister said that the government had set up a national savings fund and the fund was in the process of accepting memberships. Response to the fund is satisfactory with the number of memberships exceeding the set target and 70 of them are farmers. And 95 percent of members are over 30 years old.

He expected the memberships of the fund to reach 1.5 million next year. He said he wanted to see more people joining the fund.

The prime minister urged people who have not benefitted from any welfare funds from the government join the fund for their own benefits. Those who are over 60 can join the fund until next September 25.

More details about the fund and how to join its membership can be obtained from the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives and Government Savings Bank.

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