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PM writes another patriotic song to boost spirits and rebuild morales of all Thais

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PM writes another patriotic song to boost spirits and rebuild morales of all Thais | Samui Times
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Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-ocha has written another patriotic song to encourage the spirits and to rebuild the morale of the people.

pm-writes-songThe song, Hope and Faith, was the third song the prime minister has written since he seized power from the civilian government in 2014.

Government spokesman Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said the third song was written by the prime minister in order to boost the spirits and rebuild the morale of the people.

The song appeal the Thai people to join together to overcome all obstacles that beset the country, and to achieve one common goal “to rebuild the nation”.

The lyrics he penned in the song says,

“Faith and Hope create a great power.

Joining hands and hearts to walk together to the end.

Never be driven to despair or demoralized but to unite and overcome all obstacles even though discouraged by deep grief.

Two hands and one heart of all Thais will declare Thailand as a great nation forever

Only with faith, unity and determination to do good will be forever

Just have confidence, and the power of the heart will make all hopes to become true.”

Earlier last year he wrote the first song “Returning Happiness to the People” shortly after the May 2014 takeover. The song is now played on state-controlled radio and TV stations.

His second song “Because You Are Thailand” is an appeal to all Thais to join him in overcoming the crisis that besets Thailand, an apparent reference to divisions that caused sometimes-violent political conflicts over the past decade.

The song includes lyrics such as “If we join hands … the day we hope for is not far away” and “Because you are Thailand, you will not let anyone destroy you”.

The spokesman added that the song can be downloaded at from October 26 onwards

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