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PM Yingluck Shinawatra ousted by Thailand Court

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PM Yingluck Shinawatra ousted by Thailand Court | Samui Times
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This afternoon the courts ruled that Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra must step down due to abuse of power charges. It was ruled by the Constitutional Court that Ms. Yingluck acted illegally when she transferred her national security head, they also ruled that other ministers involved in the transfer must also step down.

YingluckMs. Yingluck had been accused of improperly transferring Thaiwii Pliensri, her national security chief appointed by the opposition-led administration in 2011.

The judge said “Yingluck can no longer stay in her position as caretaker prime minister” in his statement.

The ruling comes after months of political deadlock with Anti-government protestors who have been trying to oust Ms. Yingluck since November last year.

It is thought that his move will trigger protests by pro government supporters. Ms Yingluck’s supporters believe that the courts are biased against her and side with the urban elite at the heart of the protest movement. Mr Thaksin and his family are hated by an urban and middle-class elite who accuse them of corruption and abuse of power.

It is not yet clear if one of Ms. Yinglucks ministers will step in or the county will now face a political vacuum.

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