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Police arrest Burmese man for murder of karaoke woman in Prachaup

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Police arrest Burmese man for murder of karaoke woman in Prachaup | Samui Times
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Bang Saphan police have arrested a Burmese man for the murder of a 22 year old karaoke serving woman on Wednesday.
burmese-arrested-for-murder He has admitted the murder and been taken on a reenactment to the scene of the crime – a hotel room next to the karaoke lounge.
He was made to apologize in front of relatives to a picture of the victim laid on the bed in the room where he had strangled Prakarat Phromkhot, a Kalasin native.
Police arrested Wae 45, on Saturday after surrounding a rubber plantation where he worked. The man has no apparent surname.
He was shown CCTV footage and admitted that was him. Police took into evidence his unregistered motorbike used to flee the hotel and his clothes.
DNA was taken from him and will be compared with skin found under the victim’s fingernails.
Police said Wae had scratches all over his body.
Wae said that he had got drunk then taken the victim to the adjoining hotel. He got angry when the victim got a phone call from a man.
She said she had to leave and as she got up to go he grabbed her by the neck and hauled her back in the room.
He then smashed her in the face and strangled her to death before putting the body on the bed. He then fled the scene on his motorbike.
Later Saturday he was taken on a reenactment. He was guarded by 80 police after reports of the reenactment reached an angry crowd of locals who converged on the scene. Wae was wearing a flak jacket for his protection.
He showed police where he drank, the room where the crime was committed and what he did. Relatives watched on as he prayed in forgiveness to a picture of the victim that was placed on the bed in the hotel room.
The family thanked the Bang Saphan police for tirelessly working to solve the case over the last two days.
Police said that CCTV footage was instrumental in a swift resolution of the case.
Wae has been charged with murder.
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