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Police in Bangkok produce a leaflet guide to being searched

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Police in Bangkok produce a leaflet guide to being searched | Samui Times
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The police in the Thonglor District have printed a leaflet that outlines the rights of foreigners if they are stopped by the police. The leaflet was produced in response to bad publicity surrounding foreigners who have been stopped and searched in the Asoke and Sukhumvit areas. The police were handing out the leaflets on Saturday night in Soi Cowboy.

The information on the leaflet reads as follows

Thonglor Police Station Notice about Searching foreigners for contraband

  1. Searching foreigners
    • Foreigners may take photos of the police officers who do the search before searching begins
    • Searching ahs to be done in a place with sufficient lighting and not be desolated
    • Do not pay any amount of money to police officers whether you are asked to do so or not
    • IN case you are on a vehicle, whether a private vehicle or a taxi, police officers who stop a vehicle and do the search must be in proper checkpoint, under control of commissioned officers.
  2. Collecting urine specimen must be done only in the police station
  3. Foreigners could carry a copy of first page and last entry stamped page of their passport instead of the original one. **** If there are further questions or any fairness is requested please contact Pol. Col. Chutrakul Yodmadee: 08-3349-3349

The rear of the leaflet features useful numbers of police stations and hospitals


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