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Police charges for those accusing the police of using scapegoats

Samui Times Editor



Police charges for those accusing the police of using scapegoats | Samui Times

The Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police has verified that the investigation of Koh Tao murders is completely transparent, and anybody accusing the police of arresting scapegoats could be charged with insulting officials, but people on social media sites are still questioning if the police have caught all of the killers and many questions remain unanswered.

internet detectiveOn Saturday (October, 4), the Deputy Police Commissioner-General Pol Col Somyos Pumphanmuang gave an interview about the murder case of two British tourists in Koh Tao, Surat Thani and said that the investigation team did everything in order, and that the migrant workers the police arrested are not scapegoats there is evidence like video footage from CCTV, and the DNA samples from the suspects that match with the evidence found on the scene of murder to prove this.

The Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police also has warned people on social media who are criticizing the work of the people that sharing false information could lead to conflicts or misunderstandings because the case is now closed, and that people can disagree with the police but they also have to consider if the information they’re sharing is appropriate. People who share false information could be charged with insulting officials.

However, the members of CSI LA page on Facebook, have assumed and analyzed a lot of information which wasn’t revealed by the police, and this has made people question the investigation of the case. Also, there are many people who are curious that IF the migrant workers whom the police have caught are not scapegoats, have the police caught all of the killers? Because there are is a lot of suspicion, such as no mention of the condom which was found on the scene of murder, and the missing footages from CCT, that they believe make it seems like the police are trying to cover for someone.

People on social media believe that there are more than two people that killed the two British tourists than the police have caught. Questions like “who has the power to make the CCTV footage disappear?”, “whose condom was it that were found on the scene?”, “why did the Myanmar workers stay on the island after the murder?”, and “what’s the sentence for those who sheltered the killers?” are still in hot debate on the Social Media site and interest in the case shows no sign of abating.

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