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Police chief calls on fighting students to “show the love” rather than be aggressive

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Police chief calls on fighting students to “show the love” rather than be aggressive | Samui Times
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Acting police chief Sanit Mahathavorn caused a few laughs at a parade of students up on attempted murder charges alongside their shamed parents.

show loveDespite the seriousness of the offences, Sanit advised students, who engage in angry exchanges of words online that can lead to violence, to turn the other cheek, reported tnamcot.

He showed a variety of gestures to try to show love not hate – he even invited the Bangkok Metropolitan Division 2 chief to join him in an impromptu heart shape gesture as subordinates grinned behind.

The occasion was the parade for the press of a bunch of Bangkok youths involved in serious fighting. And it was one of the first occasions when the parents of some of those involved were directly charged with offences.

Two unnamed parents joined the students with their heads bowed after receiving suspended prison terms of six months and fines of 60,000 baht, both halved on admission of the charges.

The parents will face jail of three months if their children break the law within the next two years.

Sanit said that he didn’t want to punish the parents but this was the only way to help stop the fighting that has seen many cases in recent months between rival high school students as well as college students.

“If they know what might happen to their parents then they may think twice, ” said Sanit.

Then he showed with his various hand gestures how to turn the other cheek and avoid violence.

The assembled students and parents did not look as amused as the cops.

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