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Fraud in Thailand

Police Claim Mother Allegedly Forced Her Child To Drink Bleach

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Police Claim Mother Allegedly Forced Her Child To Drink Bleach | Samui Times
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A woman in Pathum Thani (one of the central provinces) has been arrested for allegedly forcing her toddler to drink bleach to make him appear sick for an online advertisement selling her products, according to a local police source.

The source says that the boy has been saved and is now under the care of a shelter in the province for children.

The source also said that the mother, identified as a 29-year-old Nittha Wongwan, was arrested on Monday after 10 million baht was obtained with her online products after she showed her victim photos of what she called “severe allergic reactions.”

A DNA test is underway to check that she is the victim ‘s mother, says the source, As police have cast doubts about the birth certificate and the pregnancy of the victim.

The source said the suspect admitted to adopting a 3-year-old baby who later died after developing similar symptoms identified in another online advertisement as “a strange illness,” said the source.

According to the police report, the suspect is charged with adopting a child intending to use him as an instrument for illicit benefits, resulting in fatal injury and fraud.

The source said the suspect denied the allegation of harming children. However, She did confess to fraud and failing to provide customers with sold face masks.

The source stated that more than three thousand people made over eight thousand transactions with the perpetrator, adding that it was suspected that her son was ill because of a rare and unusual illness.

The source also reported doctors at the University of Thammasat Hospital reported that the victim vomited blood and suffered gastrointestinal injuries.

The source also claimed that doctors assumed that the perpetrator killed the baby girl who died and was also admitted to the same hospital.

The case is being prosecuted by Maj Gen Jirabhop Bhuridej, Chief of the Crime Suppression Division (CSD).

Maj Gen Jirabhop said the police do not currently have ample evidence to report the case.

However, police officers believe that they will have the necessary evidence to pin the suspect, Maj Gen Jirabhop added.

SOURCE:Bangkok Post

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