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Police close in on murderer of British Man’s wife

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Police close in on murderer of British Man’s wife | Samui Times
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Police in Udon Thani are closing in on the arrest of the murderer of a Thai woman who has a British husband.

catch a killer ThailandSunee Downer, 37, was found garotted in the bathroom of the family home in Phen district, reported Daily News. The Downers had been married for ten years and have two children.

The suspect is Sunee’s lover called Thongsai, 26. He disappeared with 20 baht weight worth of gold, cash, a car, a phone and a computer notebook following the slaying on Wednesday morning.

And the finding of the notebook is helping police, Thongsai deposited it with a friend who is the owner of a car care business in the neighborhood saying he needed some money urgently.

When Thongsai had gone his friend Apilak Photipatsa, 34, saw on social media that Thongsai was wanted for murder.

He went straight to police who are seeking an arrest warrant armed with the notebook and the friend’s testimony.

The suspect is believed to be visiting relatives in either Nong Bua Lampu or Loei provinces. Police reiterated that an arrest is imminent.

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