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Police distribute anti-kidnapping posters to schools

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Police distribute anti-kidnapping posters to schools | Samui Times
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The Royal Thai Police has distributed posters giving instruction to parents on how to teach their children to protect themselves against kidnappings.

kidnappingThese posters were distributors to schools in Bangkok and the provinces in an effort of the police to prevent kidnapping which is returning with children being targets.

One of the instructions emphasized on unexpected causes which are always overlooked by parents and have become threat to the safety of their children. They are advised not to abandon their children at home alone. In case of necessity, parents are advised to tell their children to be careful and not to open the doors for strangers to enter the house.

Besides, if any member of the family goes missing, they must immediately alert the police to begin looking for them. This will help to bring the children back to home quickly and safely.

Meanwhile a school in Samkok district of Pathumthani also has its own measure to prevent kidnapping.

It has used computer to scan students coming to school.

All students coming to school in the morning are required to scan their arrival at the scanning booth with a teacher supervising the scanning.

This measure is to ensure their parents that their children have come to school and did not skip classes.

Moreover it is also to encourage punctuality as students are required to attend school regularly and on time.

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