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Police in Udon Thani warn of fake 10-baht coins

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Police in Udon Thani warn of fake 10-baht coins | Samui Times
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Udon Thani police have warned members of the public to be aware of fake 10-baht coins after a convenience store filed a complaint with Muang district police that it received 300 fake 10-baht coins from a woman who asked for exchange of banknotes.

fake-coins-thailandAn employee of 7-Eleven convenience store in front of Rajabhat Udon Thani University told the police that a woman, aged between 30-35, walked into the store on Thursday and asked to exchange her ten-baht coins in 30 plastic bags of ten coins each.

He said that all the employees were busy at the time and did not carefully examine the coins and just gave the woman 3,000 baht in banknotes. However, they found out that all the coins were fake.

Pol Col Poomwit Wechkama, the superintendent of Muang district police, said fake coin could be easily detected because it is lighter than the real one. It was made of lead and the middle of the coin which was supposed to be brass was painted to look like the brass colour.

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