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Police officer shoots himself dead

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Police officer shoots himself dead | Samui Times
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Lieutenant Sompoj Phetlert, 42, has died of gunshot wound in the head he inflicted on himself following a long period of mental and physical illnesses, police said.
Sompoj served at Huai Rat police station before his death.
Lieutenant Samret Raksawattana, duty officer and Sompoj’s colleague, went to investigate the incident after receiving a report about the gunfire.
At the scene, Samret found a pool of blood and collected a pistol and a bullet case as evidence. The victim was already rushed to the hospital.
The attempt to resuscitate the victim was not successful and he died at the hospital.
The victim’s wife Phatra Phetlert, 42, told police that she was about to step out of the house to open her shop in the morning when she heard a single gunfire near the bathroom.
Phatra went to investigate and found her husband barely alive and lying on the floor with the gun dropped nearby his body.
She said she believed the husband had shot himself and that she then alerted the neighbours and relatives to help her taking him to the hospital.
She also stated that the incident happened just one day before a doctor’s appointment to check on the progress of mental treatment.
The victim had mental illness for years. He used to be admitted for a year-long treatment at a mental facility.
Following his hospital discharge, he still had to report for follow-up checks on a regular basis.
Recently he was also receiving treatment for muscle weakness.
Last month, his superior officer granted him long-term sick leave to enable him to focus and recover from illnesses.
But he complained to his wife that he would rather die than live as an invalid.
The wife said she tried to nurse and give him hope for full recovery. She said she did not think her husband would have killed himself and left her to raise their two children alone.
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