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“Policeman/Army men” planted drugs then demanded sex from mother

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“Policeman/Army men” planted drugs then demanded sex from mother | Samui Times
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A murky tale from the north east of Thailand was reported by Sanook after a 16 year old girl went on Facebook to complain about what happened to her 25 year old brother.

The admin of an Ubon Ratchathani fan page called in the media to investigate.

Sanook were told that on November 25th contact was made through Facebook with a man’s mother allegedly coming from a policeman in the Mukdahan area.

The cop said that her son had been found to have ten Ya Ba tablets on him at a checkpoint. He said that her son faced 5/6 years in jail and a heavy fine.

But he would forget all about it if she agreed to have sex with him. This was later changed to agreeing to let him go if she sent pictures of her genitals to the officer.

Contact with the local police station revealed that no one was in custody for drugs on that day.

The family went along with the ruse agreeing to meet at a resort but the alleged cop did not show up saying there were a lot of cops in the area.

Next day the son staggered back home in a daze.

He said he had been out riding on a motorcycle when he was stopped at a checkpoint where there was a man dressed in a police uniform and two men dressed as soldiers. They said he had ten Ya Ba which he denied.

They took his phone and transported him to a dark room when he was given a drink that knocked him out.

He recovered next day and got home not knowing what had happened to him. Just 500 baht was missing from his wallet.

The family said they didn’t want to make a big deal of what happened as their son was fine but it should be a warning to others at what could happen.

Thaivisa notes that actions of the daughter in reporting the case on Facebook seemed to have been against the wishes of the family.


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