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Policeman who shot a motorcyclist to be charged with murder

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Policeman who shot a motorcyclist to be charged with murder | Samui Times
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In Chon Buri, a policeman who shot a motorcyclist who allegedly attempted to evade a road check point it so be charged with multiple criminal violations including that of murder.

angry bikers ThailandThe incident took place on Saturday night at the Nong Kham road checkpoint in the Sri Racha district.

A video clip of the incident posted online has caused an outcry of police brutality. The clip shows motorcyclist Naret Boonsongsri, 40, calling off his bike and hitting the ground, blood pouring from his head after Senior Sergeant Major Suphan Khamnit opened fire on him from behind as he tried to drive away.

Naret was admitted to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the back of the head, he died on Monday. His relatives have asked that his body is sent for autopsy at the Central Institute of Forensic Science in Bangkok.

Sri Racha police have yet to open a formal investigation, pending the findings of the autopsy. Suhan told his superiors that he shot into the sky as a warning to the man not to flee. He said the man skidded and sustained head injuries after he hit the ground.

Thousands of angry bikers staged a protest in front of the police station, in outcry that police suggested his injuries were caused by falling off his bike, despite a death certificate being issued saying that he succumbed to a gunshot wound to the back of his head.

Comments on the popular CSILA Facbook page suggest the police officer has a long history of using violence and force against arrested members of the public. Photographs of the victim’s mother accepting donations for funeral costs have also sparked an outcry as to why the Royal Thai Police are not footing the bill for the funeral.

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