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“Possessed” man attacks child then goes on naked rampage at temple

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“Possessed” man attacks child then goes on naked rampage at temple | Samui Times
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A deranged man that Thai media said was likely possessed by an evil spirit attacked a six year old child before going on a naked rampage at a Korat temple.

imageSuphachai Saengsri, 45, is now in the custody of Pho Klang police after going berserk at his home then the temple of Wat Sri Suriyothin in Suranathee sub-district, reported Daily News.

He said that he didn’t know what he was doing.

But police told a terrible story of what he did. He took a six year old child and undressed her and tied her naked to a tree.

He then beat the child with sticks before inserting them in the genital and rectal areas.

He then carried the child unconscious to the temple in a vehicle where he continued the rampage.

He climbed on a big Buddhist statue in the temple’s chapel.

He was naked and exposing himself before people at the temple found clothes for him to put on.

The child was taken to hospital by concerned people at the temple.

At one point Suphachai grabbed a knife and when police arrived they surrounded him. When he was distracted they managed to grab him and haul him to the ground.

He was taken to the station where he soon calmed down and said he had no recollection of what he had done.

Daily News said it may have been a case of possession of an evil spirit.

He was charged with assault of a child, creating a public disturbance and behavior offending public morals and detained.

Police said that prior to the incident Suphachai had spent ten days on a retreat at the temple.

They said he had no prior record of mental illness.

Thai Visa / Daily News


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