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“Power of Love” children’s home ordered shut in Hua Hin

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“Power of Love” children’s home ordered shut in Hua Hin | Samui Times
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The “Power of Love” children’s home in Hua Hin has been ordered shut temporarily after it was found to be operating without a license.

imageThe seven male children residing in the two story property have been taken into government care, reported ThaiPBS.

The closure follows the shutting of a home for runaway children last week after a Thai man was accused of molesting a 12 year old girl. That property also did not have a valid license.

Local officials moved to shut the “Power of Love” despite the manager saying that a license was being applied for. TPBS said that the facility caters to boys aged 6 – 14. There were seven in residence when the authorities arrived.

The children will be looked after elsewhere while the license arrangements are completed.

The facility is in foreign ownership.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Power of Lower children’s home told Surf 102.5FM in Hua Hin that the home was already registered but was one license short and is working with officials to ensure they have the correct licenses in place.

“It’s the fact is we have one more children than we should have and when you go above this number it takes another licence”, the spokesperson confirmed in a message.

Thai Visa / ThaiPBS


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