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Power of money settles “Joke” argument

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Power of money settles “Joke” argument | Samui Times
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A rejected Thai man agreed to pay 10,000 baht compensation to settle an argument caught on video at a Samui restaurant.

Power of money settlesThe confrontation of the condiments took place at a Bor Phut “joke” (rice gruel with egg) restaurant on Saturday evening. Footage from CCTV was soon all over social media, reported Daily News.

The man in the video had apparently gone up to the women to ask for phone numbers and been rejected.

When the girls refused the request the man is alleged to have said: “Do you know who I am? I am the son of sergeant……”.

The surname was someone well known on the holiday island.

Then fists started flying and kicks were aimed as the tabletop condiments at the restaurant were used as projectiles.

Yesterday, the man was found by police after a complaint was made by the girls. He was found not to be a policeman’s son but just a department store employee.

He paid a fine and 10,000 baht compensation to the girls one of whom had a foreign boyfriend who didn’t want to pursue the matter.

Police said the matter was thus settled.

As he went home the attacker grumbled to reporters that he had never said he was a cop’s son – that was a social media lie.

Thai Visa / Daily News

Power of money settles

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