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PR Thailand reminds of the “VUCA” plan to keep reopening safe

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PR Thailand reminds of the “VUCA” plan to keep reopening safe
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The public relations department posted a reminder on their Facebook page today of the 4 main measures the government is focusing on after reopening Thailand to international tourism at the beginning of last month. The post on the PR Thai Government Facebook page reiterates the criteria they laid out in November using the acronym VUCA to keep the reopening safe and successful.

The Department of Disease Control had created the VUCA plan – which stands for Vaccine, Universal Prevention, Covid-Free Setting, and Antigen Test Kits – to lay out the 4 main steps that must be taken to safely reopening Thailand to international travellers, a program that has been met with modest success as traveller numbers still remain low, but the number of Covid-19 infections that have been bought in has remained a very small percentage of the incoming visitors.

The 4 measures are as follows:

VVaccinePeople should be fully vaccinated to reduce the risk of serious illness or death should they get infected with Covid-19.
UUniversal PreventionMany health and safety prevention measures and regulations are in place to stop the outbreak and spread of Covid-19 infections.
CCovid-Free SettingThe government established guidelines that businesses and establishments must follow in order to protect from Covid-19. The guidelines to qualify as a Covid-Free Setting includes all staff being vaccinated and tested every week with antigen test kits.
AAntigen Test KitsATKs allow the public access to quick and affordable Covid-19 testing. Though ATK tests are not as accurate as RT-PCR tests, especially after the government’s controversial decision to import Chinese ATKs that the US FDA had deemed inaccurate, they provide fast early detection that can be referred for full RT-PCR testing.

Anyone who has experienced any respiratory symptoms or has been determined to have been in close contact with someone infected with Covid-19 are urged to take an ATK test right away to detect infections and prevent spread.

Source: The Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health

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