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Prayut pledges to improve quality of life of workers

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Prayut pledges to improve quality of life of workers | Samui Times
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Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha today promised to improve the quality of life among workers and ensured that no worker will be left unemployed.

His pledge and assurance came as he chaired the May Day celebration of Thai workers at Sanam Luang Saturday morning.

Thousands of workers from two major state unions, Thai Labour Solidarity Committee (TLSC ), and State Enterprises Workers Relation Confederation (SERC), formed long colourful procession along the Rajdamnoen Avenue before marching pass the Democracy Monument to Sanam Luang, the venue of the celebration.

Gen Prayut chaired the opening of the May Day celebration with assurance that the Thai workers will get better quality of life and better livelihood under the implementation of several schemes of the government to help Thai labour.

Representatives of the two state unions two unions then submitted a 11-point demand to the prime minister to consider,

Significant demands are the increase of minimum wage to 350-360 baht from the current 300 baht, efficient control of consumers products prices and offering better healthcare treatment for workers under the social security scheme, put an end to all attempts to privatise state enterprises, and the ratification of the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Convention No.187 on a Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health.

Gen Prayut told workers that he as ready to accept all the demands for consideration so as to make their quality of lives better.

But he said some demands could not be carried out immediately but would take time, while telling the workers that they also have to improve their labour skills to meet the market demand.

He also disclosed that since his government came in office, over ten thousand of investors have applied for promotion.

He then assured that with the large v private investment, it was certain that in future no worker would be left unemployed.

He said unemployment rate of Thai workers could be the best in ASEAN or might be the least in the world.

He said what he pledged and assured would be all handled seriously, stating that as he is a soldier and not a politician, what he said will turn actions.

As The Nation Reported, earlier in the day, some 200 workers led by Somsak Kosaisuk, a labour leader, also staged a rally in front of Parliament a to mark the celebration of the Labour Day.

They blocked rads in front of Parliament and nearby to hold the Labour Day activities.

Somsak said the workers would like to call on Prime Minister Prayut to invoke Article 44 of the interim charter to tackle the economic gaps for the workers.

Yesterday Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Won disclosed after chairing a meeting on promotion of workplace safety that a master plan has been drawn up to bring about a better quality of life for workers by improving safety standards where they work.

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