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PRD opens ‘Trust me, We’re Thai’ foreign media workshop

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PRD opens ‘Trust me, We’re Thai’ foreign media workshop | Samui Times
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The Public Relations Department (PRD) has opened the foreign media workshop to boost trust among international organizations and to enhance confidence in investment and business operations of foreigners in Thailand.

The PRD’s Deputy Director-General Charoon Chaisorn today officiated the foreign media network workshop “Trust me, We’re Thai” at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel, Hat Yai, Songkhla, receiving participants from foreign agencies, international officials, and local officials.

He said that the Thai government intends to assure the confidence of international organizations on the basis of preserving national benefits, and to encourage investment and business operations by foreigners.

To achieve this goal, public relations procedures are required to pass on knowledge and create a good understanding among foreign countries on Thailand’s attempt to solve the ongoing issues, His Majesty the King’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, and the Thai livelihood and social cultural aspects. These messages must be represented with clarity through TV media, radio, the internet, social media, public relations events, infographics, the government’s picture journal, and the cooperation of media networks.

One of the attempts from the PRD to publicize government’s accomplishment is the establishment of the 24-hour English-language TV station “NBT World” to reflect “A Vision of Thailand” to ASEAN countries and to the international community.

NBT World broadcasts programs and contents which deliver Thailand’s attempt to solve issues such as the Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing, the aviation standard issue, and other stories including important and accurate news to the world. To increase reach, NBT World also delivers online content through the NBT World smartphone application, on Facebook, and on YouTube.

trust me we are ThaiThe “Trust me, We’re Thai” seminar was held by the Pubic Relations Department’s Region 6 Office as part of the Thailand’s image improvement campaign.

PRD Region 6 Director Tatsanee Polchaniko has said this seminar aims to raise confidence among members international community about Thailand on aspects ranging from economy, social, tourism, and security.

The event was broadcasted live on Radio Thailand’s Songkhla station.


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