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Pre WWII torpedo alarms residents of Nua Khlong Krabi

Samui Times Editor



Pre WWII torpedo alarms residents of Nua Khlong Krabi | Samui Times
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In the Krabi district of Nua Khlong villagers have been frantically trying to get authorities to take away a live pre world war II torpedo that has been found floating in the ocean. Locals told authorities they were very scared of the device that has the capability to destroy and area in range torpedoof 5 kilometers and may explode simply because of the heat. Fisherman Ban Koh Jam in tambon Koh Sriboya discovered the 50 x 400 centimeter cylinder floating between Koh Cham and Koh Phi Phi on Tuesday. He and some friends dragged it back to shore with the intention of dismantling it and then selling the bits onto junk yards but were stopped by officials. A bomb disposal expert said that it was made in Japan in 1937 and it was bought by Thailand for use during wartime for ten thousand baht. It is now being kept in a sealed off area at the Mutu Pier. Thai authorities previously warned Thai nationals not to meddle with bombs after a WWII bomb was sold to a scrap yard in Bangkok. The device killed eight when scrap yard workers attempted to dismantle it and totally decimated the building – more on that story here

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