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The Premier Sports Bar wants your input in their ideas for a new and improved pub quiz

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The Premier Sports Bar wants your input in their ideas for a new and improved pub quiz | Samui Times
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As its name suggests, a Pub Quiz is a quiz held in a pub, sometimes called triva nights. The idea was developed in the late 1970’s by Burns & Porter Associates who took the concept of having a few individual quizzes in pubs and developed it into a national institution comprising upwards of 10,000 teams competing weekly. In the UK in 2009 a study put the number of weekly quizzes in the country at 22,445.

Premier Sports BarThe Premier Sports Bar has been holding a weekly quiz on Thursday nights for many years, over which time the format has changed here and there to keep the teams happy. With manager Ian moving on to pastures new John and Tina, the owners of this popular bar, are using the opportunity to revamp the quiz and to invite residents and visitors on the island to have their input into the new format.

Currently the first round of the quiz is a general knowledge round with the first letters of the ten answers spelling out a word to help you along your way. Round two is also general knowledge without the letters spelling a word as a clue. Round three is Family Fortunes, a TV program popular in the UK in the eighties where teams had to guess the most popular answers of questions posed to 100 people surveyed. After a break for some free food round five is normally a picture round, although dingbats have been known, round five is the music round where teams are asked to identify the artists and titles of sounds played over the sound system and round six is a tricky round of five questions with a score of +3 for a correct answer and -3 for a wrong answer!

What would it take to peek your interest in the quiz? If you have ideas, suggestions or sensible input please email and we will pass your ideas to John and Tina

The Thursday night pub quiz is followed by an exciting game of play your cards right and rock and roll bingo.

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