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Preparations made to accommodate holiday makers

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Preparations made to accommodate holiday makers | Samui Times
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Various agencies have been making preparations for holiday-makers during the upcoming New Year holidays.

Preparations made to accommodate holiday makers | News by Samui TimesThe emergency response team of Bueng Kan Hospital has joined the military in the inspection of all vehicles, and medical devices and rescue equipment carried by rescue and medical teams across the province in a bid to prepare for any accidents that may occur during the New Year holidays.

In addition, a training session has been offered to members of all emergency teams to ensure that they are ready when needed.

In Khon Kaen, local people have been visiting the Blood Donation Center to donate blood as an act of merit-making and in a bid to help ensure sufficient blood supply for the holiday period.

While an average of 30 donors has visited the center each day, the mobile blood donation unit has also been going out to collect donations in the province.

Meanwhile, in Sing Buri, an operation center tasked with preventing and reducing road accidents during the New Year holidays was officially opened and launched a campaign to promote road safety.

The Department of Highways has been speeding up improvements a to part of Pho Phraya – Tarua road, which covers over 10 kilometers and is a popular route for travelers at this time of year.

And, the Nakhon Ratchasima Rural Roads Office has launched a mobile campaign to promote safe driving and an initiative to improve all roads under its supervision ahead of the New Year period.

Preparations made to accommodate holiday makers

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