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President of the Pattaya Business & Tourism Association wants to outlaw jet-ski

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President of the Pattaya Business & Tourism Association wants to outlaw jet-ski | Samui Times
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On August the 14th the president of the Pattaya Business & Tourism Association said that he wants to see jet-skis outlawed in the city, however, he will give honest vendors one lasts chance to reign in vendors engaging in fraud and extortion. Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn went on to say that Pattaya’s consistent failure to reign in those jet-ski operators engaging scams has severely damaged the city’s tourism industry, making it increasingly hard for honest vendors to make an honest living. He likened the situation to a proverb that teaches ‘one rotten fish in the pond will poison all of the other fish’ and said having a jet-ski industry was simply not worth it if some were going to ruin it for all. Honestly vendors cannot just sit by and do nothing about the scams he said although he admit that a total ban, putting hundreds of vendors out of business, would be unfair on the honest vendors who have invested a great deal of money in their jet skis and do not engage in scamming tourists out of tens of thousands of baht for damage they had not caused , sometimes under the threat of violence. However, the situation with scammers has to be stopped and self policing would be one way of doing that he suggested. For now Pattaya must again repair the damage caused by scam artists he said, and explained that the first step towards doing that will be to write a letter to the government of India who recently wrote to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express its concerns about repeated scams and rip offs to Indian tourists. The letter is so serious he said that there is a risk that Pattaya may be boycotted by one of the largest tourist markets. Once the letter has been sent, he said, the city must bring in every jet ski vendor operating in Pattaya and broker an agreement to cooperatively end the extortion and intimidation, if this agreement is broken then the city hall should simply ban them all to save the tourist industry in the city.


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