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Prosecutor: Four Thai police attacked man and beat him to death, say witnesses

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Prosecutor: Four Thai police attacked man and beat him to death, say witnesses | Samui Times
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A prosecutor investigating the case of a man who died after a raid on a house in Huay Kwang last week has said that police should be held accountable.

four-men-beaten-to-deathAnd the case could reach up to the highest levels with the possibility that the commander of the National Police himself could be named in a civil and possibly criminal suit, reports Daily News.

The startling claims came as Suwet Jitmahawong went to interview witnesses in the area of Soi Rung Reuang where Don Daengjantip, 34, died at the end of last week.

Suwet said that contrary to initial claims there was not a gambling ring in operation. Don and a female were playing a low-key game of Hi-Lo at a small restaurant in the soi and there was “just a few baht” on the table.

Earlier it was claimed 4 or 5 gamblers were present. This is now thought to be just lies.

According to witnesses seven police arrived. Don walked off behind the house but his escape route was blocked as the alleyway was a dead end.

Four police attacked him, said witnesses. Locals tried to reason with the cops to no avail.

Don was then dragged out front and the assault worsened. His head was smashed into a motorcycle, a fence and then pounded into the concrete.

The back of his knee was stamped on.

Then the police said he died of heart failure.

Suwet said there was not thousands of baht on the table but less than a hundred. The man was not 120 kilos and huge but according to his ID just 165 centimeters tall and weighed only 75 kilos.

The initial findings of the autopsy show severe injuries to the neck of the dead man. The prosecutor has requested that the wife of the deceased delay cremation while other tests are carried out.

Suwet said that the civil case will be handled first but he expects not just the patrol members to be prosecuted.

It will lead to the Suthisarn station chief and deputy, the head of the region 2 of the metropolitan police and right up to Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda the commander general of the National Police.

Senior officers would be named for dereliction of duty.

Suwet is acting on behalf of relatives of the dead man and is enlisting the help of other top prosecutors in a case that may have major ramifications.

He added that the civil case will be dealt with first as evidence is gathered for a possible criminal prosecution of police from those who allegedly attacked the man right up to their controllers at the top.

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