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Protesters try to shut down a publishing office, Muslim prayers and a police station sign

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Protesters try to shut down a publishing office, Muslim prayers and a police station sign | Samui Times
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Today Mr. Chumpol Chunsai, a leader of PCAD, announced that he would besiege the state publishing house and led his supporters along Rama VI Road toward the office, which locates on Samsen Road.

At the Cabinet Publishing and Gazette Office, the protesters demanded that Mr. Amphon Kitti-amphon, Secretary General of the Cabinet, meet with them, but officials at the publishing house stated that Mr. Amphon was not there.

The officials also begged the protesters not to cut off electric supply to the publishing house, as they were required to work on the printing of legislation books, Royal Gazettes, and other documents related to the Bureau of the Royal Household.

The protesters later agreed not to cut off the electric supply, but demanded that all officials must cease their works for a day. The civil servants promptly packed their belongings and left the publishing house.

Meanwhile according to an Islamic news site Muslims have reacted angrily to anti government protestors in Trang who disrupted a group of young children who were attending a prayer session at a mosque when three hundred PCAS marched in and starting blowing their whistles loudly. They then demanded that the Muslims cease all activities inside the mosque. A Thai Muslim cleric tried to explain that the religious activities could not be stopped to the group, some of whom appeared drunk.

When the cleric threatened to call a local district chief to resolve the matter, a leader of the protesters replied that he is welcomed to do so, as the protesters will also call their own reinforcements, according to the report. Muslim Thai also alleged that a protester fired a shot in front of Sulo Mosque as a threat.police sign

The Muslims then reportedly decided to cancel the prayer session and religious studies.

An Islamic news site also quoted Dr. Wisoot Binlateh, a local coordinator of Sheikh-ul-Islam Office, as saying that the protesters′ act of intimidation is a grave danger to Muslims.

Elsewhere Anti-government protesters led by Student and People Network for Thailand Reform (STR) marched to the Royal Thai Police headquarters yesterday and removed the sign of the police force at the front entrance. They later spray-painted their group name and other insulting remarks on the sign.

The act was widely seen as a direct challenge to the State of Emergency imposed by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on 21 January. Police said they have identified 21 suspects who were involved in the defacing of police headquarters′ sign.

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