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Provinces across nation step up measures against Zika

Samui Times Editor



Provinces across nation step up measures against Zika | Samui Times
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Local administrative offices across the country have enacted measures against the spread of Zika virus after a slew of infections were reported.

ZikaAng Thong Municipality has begun spraying against mosquitoes following news 94 people in the province of Bueng Kan contracted the disease with one still recovering.

According to Bueng Kan public health officer Dr. Wissanu Wittayabumrung, the 94 were found in 5 districts of the province. He affirmed 93 are completely recovered and that monitoring practices are being maintained in all susceptible areas.

Ang Thong public health officer Dr. Songwuth Hutamai let on that an order has been issued for all public health offices to enact precautionary measures against Zika, including in areas where no infections have yet been found.

The action comes ahead of a World Health Organization emergency meeting prompted by an outbreak of Zika in Singapore, which also led to travel warnings against the country being issued by nations such as Australia, Taiwan and the US.

While Zika is relatively minor among other viruses, it has been tied to a fetal condition seen when pregnant mothers contract the illness.


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