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Pub was tipped off before police raid

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Pub was tipped off before police raid | Samui Times
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A liquor pub in Phasicharoen district of Bangkok was tipped off by police to close just before a special team of police would arrive to check if it opens beyond permitted hours.

pub raid in BangkokThe special team of police force comprises Crime Suppression Division, anti-human trafficking and metropolitan police raided “Red Seed Pub” on Buddha Monthon 1 road in Phasi Charoen district was led by assistant commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Pol Lt Gen Prawut Thavornsiri.

He led the raid following various complaints from the people that many pubs in the area around university campus always opens beyond restricted time.

Five pubs were raided and some were found to allow underaged into the places.

Drugs were also found among some employees and teenagers.

But the raid at “Red Seed Pub” on Buddha Monthon 1 road was found to be unusual.

Pol Lt Gen Prawut said as the police arrived, the place was closing and guests were leaving, and employees were cleaning the place.

After checking operation licence of the place, he said this pub has no licence to open pub, but merely has licence to sell liquors.

He said searches of its employees found crystal amphetamine or “Ice” in the possession of one of them.

A check of the mobile phone of the pub owner Tawatchai Sunthornchatchavej showed a call number of a police officer attached to the Consumers Protection Police Division ringing in just before the police raid.

Pol Lt Gen Prawut said it indicated the officer who called the pub owner might give him a tipoff before the raid telling him to close the pub before police arrived.

There are also phone numbers of several police officers at various divisions in his phone memory, he said.

He said all employees of the pub were ordered to have urine tests to find if they were addicted to drugs.

He added he would report the raid at this pub to the commissioner for action.

Crackdown on pubs located near university campuses is the policy of the government to get tough with pubs selling liquors to students, and have become crime sources.

Most pubs were found to have no operating licences and open extended hours, thus forcing the government to regulate their businesses.

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