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Public to be asked whether they want death penalty or not

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Public to be asked whether they want death penalty or not | Samui Times
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Public opinions will be sought to find out whether the public want death penalty to be retained or scrapped, said General Lertrat Rattanavanich, spokesman of the Constitution Drafting Committee, on Wednesday.

death penaltyHe disclosed that death penalty was discussed at a meeting of a subcommittee of the CDC and the majority of them wanted the death penalty to be scrapped. However, he said that the majority of the CDC wanted the capital punishment to be retained because there are many serious offences such as rape and drug traffic which justified for capital punishment.

As the issue remains inconclusive, he said CDC chairman BovornsakUwanno instructed MrsThawilvadeeBureekul who is in charge of public opinions to stage public hearings to allow people to share their views on death penalty whether it should be retained or scrapped altogether.

Regarding judicial reform, the CDC is of the opinion that most court cases should end at the Appeals Court and if a case is to be appealed to the Supreme Court it has to include a special complaint. This proposed change is meant to reduce the number of cases to the Supreme Court.

Regarding the Constitutional Court, the makeup of the court should be adjusted to allow experts in public law and constitutional law to become Constitutional Court judges instead of judges from the Supreme Court or Administrative Court.

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