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Puzzle over corpse found in Phuket condo unit

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Puzzle over corpse found in Phuket condo unit | Samui Times
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Police are puzzling over the identity of a foreigner’s body found in a 10-floor high-end condo in Patong.

The manager of the condo, on Phrabaramee Rd, called police yesterday afternoon (October 23) to report a foul smell coming from inside a condo belonging to Briton Martin Clark, 68.

dead body mysteryThe room was locked so a Kusorndharm volunteer climbed over from the balcony of a neighbouring condo and was able to get in.

Inside, he found the naked and decaying body of a man, about 175-180 centimetre in height and weighing around 80 kilograms.

Because of the condition of the body police were unable to adduce the cause of death so the corpse was taken to Patong hospital for further examination.

Police learned that the condo belonged Mr Clark – he bought it several years ago – but he had returned to Britain in March, leaving a friend named Sam, thought to be of Indian descent, to look after it.

The condo manager told police he believed the body to be that of Sam, but said he was puzzled as to why Sam would be inside the condo. “He never stayed here,” he said. “He just came [from time to time] to check the place.”

A member of the condo’s cleaning staff said, “I saw Sam four or five days ago, walking in front of the condo.”

Police will continue to try to find the identity of the dead man and are waiting to learn the cause of his death.

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