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Racing motorcyclists pay with their lives – girl six months pregnant among dead

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Racing motorcyclists pay with their lives – girl six months pregnant among dead | Samui Times
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Three people died along with an unborn baby after a large gang of motorcyclists were racing along a country road.

motorbike crashAccording to statements one youth had tried to do a wheelie and got entangled with others around him. Several riders came off and collided
with an oncoming pick-up truck in the opposite lane, reported Thairath.

A video of the build up to the incident caught on a dash cam shows dozens of riders racing along the Nong Chang – Lansak Road. At the end
of the video one person shouts “There really has been an accident!” as they come onto the scene of carnage.

None of the victims were named. A boy was dead at the scene from head and body injuries. A 19 year old girl six months pregnant was treated
at the scene but both mother and child succumbed to their injuries. A 16 year old boy found unconscious died later in hospital.

A 17 year old named only as “O” said that a group of 20 friends were on their way back from an afternoon at the Cyber Waterfall. They had
met up with some 30 other bikes and raced along the road.

The driver of the Mitsubishi Triton involved in the accident Kiatsak Prachunha, 25, said that he saw one of the riders perform a wheelie
but the motorcyclist lost control and got entangled with others who all came off and slid under his vehicle. He could not control his
vehicle and collided with several more.

A total of seven other people were also taken to hospital with injuries.

Lansak police are to interview the driver of the pick-up again as investigations into the accident continue.

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