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Racism, anger and why dual pricing makes sense to Thai people

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Racism, anger and why dual pricing makes sense to Thai people | Samui Times
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If you’ve been living in Thailand for any length of time, chances are you’ve come across dual pricing. This is the practice of charging different groups of people different prices for the same item or service.

dual_pricingIn Thailand, this presents itself as differing prices for Thais and foreigners. While the issue never crosses most thai people’s minds, it can make foreigners feel angry or taken advantage of.

There are even websites devoted to this phenomenon. One popular site, 2PriceThailand, advocates for abolishing the dual price system and teaches foreigners Thai numbers so that they can better know when they are entering a place that employs a dual pricing system, whether overtly or covertly.

The admins of the site say, “The dual pricing system is hurting the image of both the tourism industry and Thailand itself. Thai people are internationally known for their kind and generous hospitality. The actions of a few tourist attractions are damaging that reputation. We respectfully request a transparent pricing system in Thailand.”

Coconuts checked in with Kasetsart University’s Intercultural Communications Professor Rachawit Photiyarach, who has thought long and hard about this topic. Here, he answers our questions and makes some points you may have never considered.

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