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Rama 2 Road guilty of being a repeat accident offender

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Rama 2 Road guilty of being a repeat accident offender
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Another accident was reported on the Rama 2 Road where the U-turn bridge collapsed two weeks ago. Yesterday, an iron bar fell from a truck onto the road and almost hit a car.

On July 30, at 8pm, the U-turn bridge over the Rama 2 Road collapsed onto four vehicles. One female passenger was killed at the scene by a five-ton concrete slap, and another construction worker who fell from the bridge later died at a hospital.

A couple of weeks before the collapse, one netizen posted a dashcam video of an accident on the same road. The video featured a heavy steel beam falling onto a pickup making the car bounce into the air. It was only luck that the couple in the pickup were not injured and other cars on the road weren’t hit or damaged.

Last week, a man posted pictures of his damaged car window on Facebook after a tarpaulin full of rainwater fell onto his car from a construction site above him on the Rama 2 Road. The picture shows the hanging tarpaulin on the unfinished bridge. Fortunately, no injuries were reported from the incident.

Yesterday, a fourth accident was reported on the road. A sedan car was hit by a 3-metre iron bar that fell from a six-wheel truck working on the construction site.

Luckily, the steel bar didn’t fall directly onto the car. The 50 year old female driver, Thitikarn Siralaksamee, was safe, but her car’s bumper was damaged by the bar.

Thitikarn explained that she was driving alone to Hua Hin in the southern province of Prachuap Khirikhan. She drove from her home in the Sai Mai district of Bangkok and arrived at the accident spot at about 2pm.

Thitikarn saw the iron bar fall from the back of the trunk and broke suddenly to avoid the offending object but couldn’t do it in time.

She said it was lucky that she turned on her emergency lights to warn other cars on the road.

Thitikarn said the Highways Department urged her to claim compensation from the insurance company of the truck as the incident happened due to the recklessness of the truck driver and construction staff.

According to a report on the BBC, there are three main construction projects on the Rama 2 Road that started in 2018 and various minor ongoing road repair projects.

The construction projects have caused huge traffic problems on the road, and accidents.

Many Thai netizens made public that they have witnessed and experienced similar accidents on the road. They believe there would be more because the construction projects are never-ending.

SOURCE: Dailynews | Thairath | BBC

SOURCE: Dailynews | Thairath | BBC


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