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Rapist tries to flee through ceiling after midnight attack on Vietnamese girl

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Rapist tries to flee through ceiling after midnight attack on Vietnamese girl | Samui Times
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An alleged rapist tried to escape though the ceiling after an attack on a Vietnamese girl at some flats in Bangkok last night.

rapist-thailand-vietnamKhok Khram police called to the block in Soi Nuan Jan in Bung Kum district found the man trying to climb down from the ceiling outside the room where the incident took place, reports Manager Online.

Twenty one year old Seksan Parinyaseri, from Nong Bua Lamphu, refused to come down and hid himself among the rafters.

Police had to break down the ceiling to extricate him and pull him down to make an arrest.

Two Vietnamese girls were staying in the room. At around midnight Lungtiwan, 25, said she had invited her friend Ortiyu, 23, to go out and buy some pot noodles to bring back to eat.

Lungtiwan believes they were followed by the man. After they got back to the room there was a knock at the door and the alleged assailant barged his way in. A conversation took place for ten minutes and the man refused to leave.

Lungtiwan stepped out to make a telephone call and the man locked the door and then tried to rape her friend, she said. Ortiyu screamed out and fought back as possessions in the room were scattered in the struggle.

Lungtiwan called a friend who helped break down the door. The assailant fearing capture escaped into the ceiling and made his way to the corridor where he was finally apprehended by police who arrived on the scene.

Police said that the alleged rapist is yet to be charged as he is drunk and incoherent. All parties will be interviewed today to get to

the truth of what happened.

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