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Ratchaburi man arrested for allegedly knocking out, dismembering, friend

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Ratchaburi man arrested for allegedly knocking out, dismembering, friend | Samui Times
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A bus garage mechanic in Ratchaburi was arrested on Monday for allegedly beating a friend unconscious before cutting off his penis out of anger that he had tried to rape his wife.

Permsak Phetprasert, 50, chief mechanic of a garage that makes bus bodies in Ratchaburi’s Ban Pong district, was arrested after his friend, Suwit Tipjantha, 39, was admitted to Ban Pong Hospital late on Monday night.

Suwit told police from his hospital bed that he drank with Permsak at the mechanic’s house on Monday evening before losing consciousness and did not know who had attacked him.

After his arrest, Permsak allegedly admitted that he attacked Suwit, cut off his penis and threw it away beside his house out of anger after he found that Suwit had allegedly tried to rape his wife while he was drunk.

Permsak said he let Suwit stay with him at their rented house and he, Suwit and another friend drank together Monday evening. When the liquor ran out, Permsak and the other friend drove their motorcycle to buy another bottle, leaving Suwit waiting at the drinking table .

Permsak said that when he returned from buying alcohol he saw his wife running from her bedroom and Suwit walking out a moment later.He said he became angry and repeatedly hit Suwit with a hammer, knocking him unconscious before cutting off his penis.

He then called neighbours to send Suwit to hospital.

Police failed to locate Suwit’s member, and believe it might have been taken away by an animal.

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