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Are you ready for the Koh Samui Juicy transformation?

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Are you ready for the Koh Samui Juicy transformation? | Samui Times
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If you need to lose some weight or bump start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle then island resident Anzhela Shurina has the answer you need – her Juicy Transformation.

anzhela 2Anzhela says “The best description I can think of is that Juicy Transformation is the most effective one-week transformation you can get for your mind and body, if you feel you are not quite in the best shape, sign up for the juicy transformation and plug yourself in – you’ll be lighter in both body and mind and you’ll get your fit, strong and sexy body in no time.

The Juicy Transformation involves enjoying juices and smoothies that have been prepared for you from fresh organic vegetables for one week, seven training sessions in small groups with a fitness professional, food diary analysis and an after program to lose more or maintain your weight. You will also receive bonus group sessions where you will learn everything you need to know about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to stay fit and healthy all year round.

And if that is not enough check out the benefits and results of this transformation

– 3.5 kg(7lb) or more(fat loss not water)

– A size or few dropped

– Radiant glowing smooth skin

– Shiny nails and hair

– Reduced acne (or disappeared)

– Increased energy levels

– Better mood, no mood swings

– Less or no depression

– Loss of cravings for sugar and other stimulants

– An enhanced sense of joy and lightness

– Increased mental clarity

– Increased stamina and strength

– Diminished pains and allergies (some disappear completely)

Other benefits:

– Balanced pH and blood sugar levels

– A cleansed and regulated colon

– Diminished toxin load

– Strengthened immune system

– Heavy metals cleansing

– Increased liver function capacity

– Cellular cleansing and rebuilding

– Blood, tissue and organ cleansing

– Restored liver function capacity

– Emotional cleansing and release

For more information or to sign up for the challenge visit the Juicy Transformation website by clicking here

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