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A really different way to have a ‘dam’ good time in Koh Samui

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A really different way to have a ‘dam’ good time in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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If you feel like getting up and doing something completely different, enjoying an adventure while at the same time doing something really good for Koh Samui then why not get involved with the Green Island Foundation Thailand and a project of the King of Thailand and help build one of the many check dams that are desperately needed in Koh Samui.

Like many others places Samui has seen a vast increase in its population over the last decade and as more and more land is needed for housing forest encroachment has increased enormously and this has a dramatic effect on the islands water source.

dam building koh samui 1During the rainy season, without woodland barriers, the rain water flows freely down the mountains causing landslide damage to agricultural plots and island floods.

This is something the King of Thailand understands very well and this is a problem that has caused him great concern, no woodland, no water. His Majesty has given some great advice about how to restore the woodlands to the full by building check dams to slow down the flow of water and on March 1st 1978 he spoke at Ampur Ma Noi, Mae Hong Son Province on the matter and advised that small check dams should be built in any shallow streams.

In recognition of His Majesty the King’s long dedication to the forestry and natural resources for the benefits of the people of Thailand, the Green Island Foundation, in accordance with his suggestion, set up a Check Dam Project on Koh Samui in Suratthani Province, to resolve the scarcity of water on the island by supporting funding and arranging for 1,985 check dams to be built at various water sources.

These check dams slow down the flow of water in the stream, this allows the water to seep through the soil, increasing underground water and filtering out chemical orantioxidant residue before it flows down stream. Dams reduce soil erosion, provide a stock of water at higher altitudes that can be used by farmers and wildlife and can also be piped down to those living further down the mountain.

Incredibly there are 1,800 mixed types of check dams to be built in Samui and 185 semi-permanent and permanent dams as well.

dam building koh samui 1The construction areas are based on a map from the Royal Thai Survey Department using the ArcView program and the great news for visitors and island residents is that building dams is great fun and a worthy day out for you and your friends and for businesses this project makes a really fun team building activity for up to twenty people.
For those who want to take their time, enjoy being in remote parts of the mountains and have a very relaxed attitude towards a seriously worthy few days out, dams can be built for around four hours a day for two or three days. For those who like to get in, down and dirty and give it all they have, a dam can be constructed in only a few hours.

A donation to the scheme will get you a guide to take you to easy to reach areas if you are not into adrenalin filled off road adventures, or to some incredible out of the way areas after a white knuckle ride if you feel like getting your heart racing. Once on site it is time to gather rocks, build your dam and put your mark into the concrete that is provided to hold it all together.

If you would like to help Koh Samui, have an adventure like no other and proudly display your contribution to the water systems of Koh Samui then give Daniel Trevor a call on 0922505173 or visit the Green Island Foundation website.

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