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Reasonable to fine diners for taking too much food at a buffet or not?

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Reasonable to fine diners for taking too much food at a buffet or not? | Samui Times
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Thais were debating the issues of whether it is reasonable to fine diners who take too much food at ‘all you can eat’ BBQ restaurants.

A group of twenty Thai men had gone to the well known restaurant in Chiang Mai but when they finished their meal there was a lot of food left over they had not eaten. The female owner fined them just 100 baht over the 5000 baht bill but the men were incensed.

too much bbqAccording to other diners who posted online the owner was jostled and left in tears after the group of men swore at her and said they would share the pictures of the food online and name and shame her. Even when they were out front of the restaurant the slanging match continued.

Most netizens, however, took the side of the owner saying that it is understood that if diners take too much food then there is a penalty. The group of men countered that they had paid a lot with one shouting at the owner: “I ate a (obscenity deleted) lot but I paid a (obscenity deleted) lot”.

The owner said that in twenty years of operation she had never been treated like this. “Is it so wrong to have a charge for unfinished food?, she said online. “Would you have done the same or just let it go?”*

In Samui one popular BBQ restaurant has one German visitor who regularly cooks up to 5 kilos of meat to take home for her dog, so far the staff and owners have yet to ask her to stop, although many locals find the practice highly offensive. One regular visitor to the No 1 BBQ said ” I can’t stand to see that woman taking the (obscenity deleted) it is the worst kind of behaviour, we should be supporting our local restaurants not ripping them off, if you cant afford to feed your dog you should not have one”

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