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Recent drugs busts include an Aussie man, a woman from India and another from Vietnam

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Recent drugs busts include an Aussie man, a woman from India and another from Vietnam | Samui Times
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In Krabi a Vietnamese woman has allegedly been arrested for attempting to smuggle 3.2 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice’ into Thailand via Krabi airport. The haul is said to have a street value of Bt9 million.

Rakhop Srisupphqaat, the Customs Department chief said that the 43 year old named Tran Thi Be Hai who was travelling from Singapore to Krabi reportedly confessed to being hired by a coloured man in Vietnam and was paid Bt20,000 to deliver a suitcase to somebody in Thailand.

In Phuket an Australian tourist was arrested in Patong after being found with 530mg of ‘ice’, a gun and ammunition.

drug dealer PhuketMark Robert Coutelas, 53, was apprehended, after the police received a tip off, at the Green Mango Apartments on the Nanai Road. The man also had a BB gun and drug paraphernalia. He was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition as well as possession of a Category 1 Drug according to reports.

Mr. Coutelas’s girlfriend arrived at the scene just after the raid but had no charges pressed against her as she was not present when the apartment was being searched.

Customs officials at Suvarnabhumi International Airport arrested a woman earlier in the week who was found to be smuggling 1.62 kilograms of ‘ice’ with a street value of 6.5 million baht. Indian kindergarten teacher Mitu Mandai was apprehended at the airport as she tried to enter Thailand.

The woman confessed that she had been paid 50,000 rupees, around 20,000 baht to smuggle the drugs into the country by a Nigerian acquaintance.

The Customs Department has ordered its officials to closely monitor passengers suspected of smuggling drugs as statistically numbers are on the rise. Ms. Mandai will be prosecuted for violating the Narcotics Act and Thailand’s drug laws.

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