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RED2 Review

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RED2 Review | Samui Times
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Bruce Willis and his crew of retired special agents are back in the second instalment of the comic book based RED(Retired Extremely Dangerous) series and they deliver a wacky and fun experience that isn’t going to stress anyone out with a rather simplistic plot.


After the first REDmovie I guess no one was really expecting a potential Oscar worthy script and those who did would be seriously disappointed. The story kicks off following on the tail of the first movie. We join up again with Frank Moses(Bruce Willis) as he is trying his best to adjust to domestic life with his new love, Sarah(Mary-Louise Parker). His best friend, Marvin(John Malkovich) tries his best to get Frank back in on the action as “they haven’t killed anyone in months”, but Frank is happy in his new role as home maker. That is until chaos erupts in their lives as yet again, the government is out to get them, only this time its not only the US government but Russia and the Brits too. All this has to do with their alleged involvement with the smuggling of a weapon of mass destruction 30 plus years before.

Dean Parisot(Fun with Dick and Jane, Galaxy Quest) returns to the big screen director’s chair after a 7 year hiatus and does a very good job of setting up entertaining action set pieces, keeping the viewer interested in the characters and adding at least a little bit of meat to what seems to be a pretty bony plot. The action sequences are as with the first film, crazy and completely over the top, how often do you see a car chase involving an off road bike, a Porsche and a Citroen 2 CV?

The cast generally do a good job of mixing the mostly wacky and sarcastic humour with the odd bit of seriousness. Then again, considering the quality of the cast members, one would expect nothing less. Willis and Malkovich have really good chemistry on screen and their little back an forth’s really keeps you giggling. Dame Helen Mirren is back as the very entertaining Victoria. Byung-Hun Lee adds a bit of youth and athleticism to proceedings as the world’s best contract killer Han Cho Bai, who is also hired to kill Moses and his gang. And Catherine Zeta-Jones also makes an appearance as an old love interest of Moses as the Russian intelligence operative, Katja. But it is Anthony Hopkinswho steals the show in my eyes as he plays the crazy institutionalized, Bailey to absolute perfection.

Overall, RED 2 delivers exactly what it promised on the packet, a crazy, completely over the top action comedy with lots of shooting, things exploding and star studded cast.

Samui Times gives RED 2 a very solid 7 palms.



RED 2 started showing at Major Cineplex Samui on the 18th of July.

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