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Region 5 Police honour 111 drug sniffing dogs

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Region 5 Police honour 111 drug sniffing dogs | Samui Times
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The narcotics suppression in eight northern provinces of Thailand has been a success with the seizure of over 7.5 million methamphetamine pills, and 27 kilogrammes of heroin in the past one year.

sniffer-dogsMajor part of such success was owed to the detection or sniffing dogs.

Upon realisation of their contributing role in detecting drugs, the Chiang Mai-based Provincial Police Region 5 has recently held a ceremony to reward the 111 sniffing dogs that helped the northern and narcotics suppression police in eight provinces to achieve in the suppression and prevention of drug smuggling into the country.

This is the first time that this kind of ceremony has been held in the country and will serve as a great motivation for both the animals and their keepers.

The dogs are mostly made up of German Shepherds as well as other breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and Beagles.

The ceremony, held at the Ratchapruek Royal Park in Chiang Mai, was to decorate ranks in recognition of their contributions.

Region 5 commissioner Pol Lt Gen Thanitsak Thirasawat said the sniffing dogs have done a great job in anti narcotics suppression and prevention.

The ceremony was to admire them and their invaluable job, he said.

The dogs were decorated with three different collars, bronze, silver and gold, that will signify their skills and experiences, and rank levels ranging from junior, senior and expert.

Sniffing dogs gaining more experience and reaching between 3 – 6 years in age, will be eligible for the rank of senior police dog, and to qualify for expert, the animals must be of 6 years and higher in age and have proven themselves exceptionally in the field.

Under normal circumstances police sniffer dogs are retired when they are 8 years old.

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