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Do you remember the 80’s you will at the 56 Saturday 80’s low season party

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Do you remember the 80’s you will at the 56 Saturday 80’s low season party | Samui Times
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If you remember reading Smash Hits, proudly wore a digital watch, danced to ‘wake me up before you go go, put ‘sun in’ in your hair, were a bit of an expert at pac man, looked forward to the next episode of The Young Ones, watched in wonder as Torvill and Dean won the world championships, secretly played with Transformers, got brain freeze drinking Slush Puppy, were addicted to Grange Hill, remember the lyrics to Bucks Fizz making your mind up, watched Scott and Charlene get married, had a poster of Duran Duran, did not leave the house without your walkman, loved Masters of the Universe, had a BMX, showed off your knowledge playing Trivial Pursuit, broke out a break dance or two, watched Diana marry Charles, solved the Rubik’s Cube, had a good selection of ‘now that’s what I call music’ tapes, snapped your memories with a Polaroid Instamatic camera, wore edible bracelets and elastic belts, made silly things out of silly putty, played Old Maid or Donkey, kept warm with leg warmers, sat on a whoopee cushion, watched a Slinky go down the stairs, beat your mate at Simon or bounced around on a Space Hopper then you remember the 80’s. To celebrate this wonderful and memorable decade get out your bat wing jumpers, leg warmers, pixie boots, dodgy perm wig, shoulder pads, miniskirts, skin tight jeans, fingerless gloves and oversize tops and head on down to the 56 eighties night! The party starts at 9pm, the buffet is only 199 if you wear funny 80’s style clothes and you will also get a free glass or beer or wine, as well as entertainment from a surprise DJ act!

fifty six eighties party

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